The Future Sucks…

But Jim and George don’t intend on letting it stay that way!

“It’s like Mystery Science Theater
meets Letterman’s Top Ten Lists!”

Introduction >>

A Relentless Desperate Wasteland
Ravaged by Nuclear War…  

With the destruction of the internet and search engines such as Google, accurate information about the past is traded like currency. 

Two brave travelers are commissioned with the dangerous task of traveling back through time in order to gather as much information as they can find about the late 20th and early 21st centuries in hopes that future societies may rebuild what was lost, avoiding the horror of a smoldering  radioactive planet.

But there’s a catch: the travelers’ journey back across eons of time is a one way trip, leaving them stranded in the past. There is no way to communicate their findings to the future other than burying reinforced time capsules in the ground in the hopes that one day recordings such as these will be unearthed to provide a glimpse of what the world once was.

 This is the mission of Crispy Coated Robots…
and it must succeed.

What's It All About?

STEP ONE: The Top 5

Every Tuesday, Jim and George present and debate their individual Top 5 entries of a predetermined topic chosen by the home office in the future. (Click on the button near the bottom of this page to learn about how to submit topics.)

STEP 2: Another Top 5

A secondary (unrelated) topic is introduced by the hosts, following the same process as Step One. For example, show topics could include something like: "Top Five Prince guitar solos Top Five things to do when visiting Florida."

STEP 3: Canister Restrictions & The Capsule Ceremony

Due to size limitations of the canister pod, the two show hosts are only allowed to insert a maximum of 5 items of each topic into the receptacle. Once the items to send to the future have been agreed upon, the capsule is buried and activated with a unique chronal lock that can only be opened by the Time Council many years from now.


Often, celebrity guests will drop by the studio to promote their latest achievements/projects. These guests are asked to serve as a tie-breaker, and are granted final say of what enters the pod. (They are not compensated in any way for this in order to maintain show integrity.)